How to fix Facebook Confirmation Code Not Receiving?

Facebook is a platform that is used by a large number of users nowadays as this is one of the most popular social media platforms. The platform provides various features to its users like uploading posts and stories, sharing posts and see photos and stories of your friends, etc. Not only this but Facebook also provides the users with the Facebook messenger using which the users can talk to any person on Facebook they want to. 

Many users who somehow lose their Facebook account can get it back in a very simple way, below are the steps that the users can follow then they need to get their account back using the Facebook verification code. 

  • Begin with going to the settings options Facebook app on your device and once you are on the login page you can proceed further.

  • In this step enter your email address and hit on forgot password; you will receive a verification code on your email. 

  • Check your email inbox to get the code, copy the code and paste it into the box on the screen in the code. Now, you can access your Facebook account. 

But there are many users nowadays who are dealing with the problem of Facebook not sending login code. For such users we have got some ways which they can try and fix the problem of not getting Facebook code. 

Ways to fix Facebook not sending verification code -  

  1. Resetting the device you are using 

  • First of all the users need to restart the device they are using and then move to the settings tab of the device. 

  • In the settings option find apps tab and then under it you need to find Facebook section and tap on it. 

  • Now, hit on storage option and then on clear data and cache, once this is done you have to return to the previous page. 

  • In this step, tap on select permission, followed by this you have to click on telephone and then on allow button. 

  • Now you need to go to the Gmail app and then press permissions and select telephone also. 

  • Open the browser on your device and then open Facebook there from there so that you can fill in your email address as well as the password of your account. 

  • Click on login after filling in all the details which will direct you to a page where you need to enter the code which is sent to your email. 

  • Now, hit on resend email and then check your email inbox to get the code and fill the code in the code box on the screen. 

  • Following these steps the users will get to fix the problem of Facebook not sending code. 

  1. Checking other folders 

  • First of all, you need to visit the Facebook login page on any of the browser which you are using on your device. 

  • Now, you have to move to login in to your account, and while you are trying to do this Facebook will ask you to confirm your identity using the code that has been sent to your phone number. 

  • Now, you have to hit resent button on the Facebook login page when you are not able to receive the code via SMS. 

  • You are supposed to press try another way and then fill in the email address that has been already connected to the Facebook account you are trying to log into. 

  • Check the inbox of the mail along with it you also have to check the spam folder to find the code. 

  • Once, you got the code you just need to type in the code you received and you will be able to access your Facebook account and your problem is also fixed. 

  1. Checking the phone number or the email address  

If you are not able to receive the verification code neither on your phone number nor on the email address provided then the users need to check the email address or the phone number they have provided. It is possible that the users have entered wrong email address or phone number and this is why they are not able to get the code. So, the users need to make sure that the details entered by them are correct and not incorrect. 

  1. Try getting code via phone call

If Facebook login code not received via SMS then, the users can try getting it on a phone call as the Facebook provided this features for its users. For this the users just need to fill in their phone number and then select the option of ‘Did you nor get the SMS?’ followed by the option of ‘Via a phone call option’. You will get a call for the code and you can use it now.