Can’t Send or Receive Email From Gmail

Gmail is inarguably the most famous email service that is available to all the users who are using emails. Emails are very important these days almost all the important conversations in workplace and education are done via email. Along with it, emails are also used to send and receive important documents that are required by you. And this is why it is very important that the Gmail email service should be trouble-free.

Usually, Gmail is a very good service but sometimes there are instances where you may face some issues with your Gmail account. One of the most errors, people face when they use Gmail is gmail not receiving emails and sending them. So, if you are also interested in knowing how you can fix this issue then, read the blog further. 

What can you do if Gmail is not receiving emails?

If Gmail is not getting emails then, it can be very troublesome for you and this is why it is important to know some simple solutions that can fix this issue. The first thing that you can try is to open your account on a different browser. But, if the issue is still there then you can use the different solutions that we are giving here.

  1. Check the Spam folder

The most common reason for this issue can be the Spam filter of your Gmail account and this is why you need to open the Spam folder of your account and see if the emails you are waiting for are there. If that’s the case then you need to make sure that the filters of your account are correct and reset them to get your emails.

  1. Contact the sender

If you feel that my gmail isn t receiving emails then, you can also contact the sender of the email. You can ask him to check his outbox and verify if the email is sent from his side. You can also ask him to resend the email.

  1. Check cloud storage

If your gmail not receiving emails 2021 then, you can also check the cloud storage of your Gmail account that is available to all the users of Gmail. If the cloud Storage of your account is full then, you need to empty it as you will only get emails when the storage has space. You can also clear the unnecessary data of all the Google apps like Photos, Drive and docs.

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