Can’t Access Facebook Marketplace


We all know that Facebook has a feature called Facebook marketplace where the users can sell and buy things. In other words, the Facebook marketplace can buy, sell as well as trade items with the people who are nearby your location but all this trading, selling, and buying is done online. But there are many people who do not know how to get the Facebook marketplace and are not able to access it. 

In this blog, l about the procedure so that you can know how to access the Facebook marketplace so let us begin with it without any further delay. 

Getting Facebook marketplace 

Getting a Facebook marketplace is a very simple procedure if you have an account on Facebook then you can simply click on Marketplace and tada! you can access the Facebook marketplace just like that. 

Things to try when not able to access Facebook marketplace – 

If you are dealing with the issue that ‘I can’t access my Facebook account’ because of which you are not able to access Facebook marketplace as well then these are the things you can try. 

  1. You can log out of your account and then login back into your account again. 

  2. You can uninstall the Facebook app and then you can install it again to fix the problem. 

  3. You can change the region in your Facebook account and switch to a country where Facebook marketplace is supported. 

  4. You need to regularly use your account to prove to Facebook that you are not using a fake Id but your ID is original and keep on posting content on your account. 

  5. You can also try to visit the Facebook marketplace website using the direct URL when you can’t access Facebook.